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  1. I have changed my ideas around a lot and have decided that I could do an EE on the objectification of women in modern love songs. My question so far is "How has language connecting to love evolved from old songs to more modern songs?" I am going to be comparing 'The smiths' and 'Jason Derulo' (if they can be compared) I don't know if its bad that ones a band as ones just a single artist but I cant think of a modern band that objectifies women so if anyone can think of one it would be appreciated! Anyway, can I just add the musicians or do I have to quote one of their songs?
  2. I wanna either do something on: feminism/sexuality and the history of it or psychology i dont know yet or criminals and the minds of them with psychology i would rather do the feminism/sexuaity but i dont know how to make that an ee and i dont take history so id have to check if i could do it. Any help is great!!
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