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  1. I love it. How do one even know what is fair and whether there is an absolute distinction between fairness and unfairness?;D But yes, bottom line all we can do is to make the best out of this IB crap. There is not much one can really do about the workload is there? Sue the IB? The school? The teachers? Wouldn't work. Hopefully I'll get an amnesia as soon as the finals are over so as not to remember all this agony...
  2. haha! just the same here! Nothing can make me open biology or chemistry. It just idk... the thought of it makes me fell sick. So I reckon that these exams are going to be a disaster. And what's worse? Until all IA were done I could fool myself that I'm not revising couse of them but now? I'm outta excuses:(
  3. This is really intriguing... Every school has it's own deadlines it seems... for mine it was yesterday till 9pm but we were confidentially told that the final official IBO super hiper important and fatal is 15th March... idk. my advice? do it as soon as it is possible:)
  4. Well, I guess your teacher is wrong. I mean how can he/she ask of you to actually write a program that will do the stuff?? I got 20/20 for this portfolio and the only tech did was gdc and paint lol.
  5. I don't know, maybe there is but as far as I remember the instruction specifically tells you to DO it using a technology. so why bother analytically? believe me, there is yet plenty to be done, don't make it even more complicated;) well, i hope that explaining how to use a GDC is not by the rules so here it is: firstly clear all lists from memory(that's not compulsory but my teacher always says to do so) then go to stat, from there to edit and just plug in the data from the table instruction has then 2nd quit then again stat and you have to move to the calc submenu there now you have a l
  6. Well, I assume your in IB so you have a GDC. Try plotting the function using GDC, someone has already explained how to do it in some previous post... as for the second question, it's just about changing the function so it looks good on the graph with the points;) That's what my teacher told us so I reckon I can post it here:) She told us that we can manipulate with the parameters:) I hope it helped
  7. GOD. I'm done:D And it's due tomorrow So since I know first hand how hell-like it was, I will be more than happy to help anyone who needs some tips. I must highlight that I do not know whether I did it ok, but I think any help is still better than no help at all?
  8. I might be wrong, but as far as I know and from what other people already wrote in this thread, the cubic and exponential are best for the analytical part. My teacher has told us to do the matrices although all my friends say that they work only for the fourth degree... Idk... I'm personally still working on it and I am truly pissed off because I still don't know how poor I did in my previous one since it hasn't been graded yet. (handed it in a YEAR ago!) So I can't evaluate my mistakes:( God save the IB.
  9. it seams reasonable... it's just that my class was already assigned a type 2 IA, but I hadn't had time to do it so I did a 2 pages crap just to give anything... and now is like my only chance to get higher points for type 2 IA... but most of my class do not have to do it since they already have good grading there... so u see, I'm kinda frustrated:(
  10. huh... but I just mentioned maths... the truth is (thanks to my dearest coordinator, may she rest is peace) I have such mess in every subject. So summer here I come!
  11. we have to complete the questions form a handy-dandy maths book that we have been specifically told to buy on this occasion. and yes. all the questions(of course from covered topics) plus we get to do a mountain pile of past papers. yuppe. so after all out teachers should do a virtual high5...
  12. well all you need to do is to state what are the limitations to the statement you have created. think about whether is always works or maybe there is a case when it doesn't. try thinking on the constants in the general statement. like what numbers they can be. I don't know how else am i allowed to help you...
  13. I totally agree with above. let me visualise u the difference between the levels: since my school offers Maths Studies, those who are TOTALLY bored with maths, do not need it AT ALL or are pea-brained are doing it(since u have to have any maths) Studies is like a group of people who actually learn HOW to use GDC or "how does a quadratic function looks like?-i know! let's try plotting it with GDC!" then SL is a continuation of most of regular schools maths on similar levels, especially if u were taking MYP(it's like the same organisation that runs it right?) and finally HL. it's like a Moun
  14. well thank you very much! it seems you're right about this whole "not_doing_IA_in_advance" but you have no idea HOW really crappy our coordinator is... once, she was visiting our Chemistry HL classes, and my teacher asked a question, to which only I replied correctly, so she said that I have a potential for a 7 if only I studied more, and you know what my coordinator said: rather not in this school. she's evil.
  15. ok. so I'm a little bit confused now. WHY do people write EE in a subject they do not take on any level???? and most importantly can I take Japanese if there is no Japanese teacher in my school? I mean I've heard of this "self-studied" thingy and it made me think...
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