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  1. As someone who also wants to study International Relations, here is what I would suggest: pick Geo over History because it gives more of a foundation for your major. I think it’s cool that you’re taking Spanish Lang&Lit, I would love to have that at my school! I hope I helped!
  2. Hi there! IB senior here. I think that your idea is amazing. The only thing I would suggest is switching the wording. Maybe “To what extent did political and religious factors affect the fate of Joan of Arc’s trial?” I just feel like your wording is a little wonky in the latter half. I hope I helped.
  3. Hi there! IB Senior here. I think if that’s your main question for the History IA then that’s a really good choice! The goal is to be broad yet specific enough that you can hone in on one specific topic that interests you. I did my History IA on the Salem Witch Trials and that was something that, at the time, really interested me. Looking back, I 100% was would choose something else lol. But overall, I think your question is super great and if you feel confident you can do your historical investigation on that, go for it! I hope I helped!
  4. Hi! I totally understand this feeling, don’t worry. I’m an IB senior myself and last year I really felt like I was drowning in the amount of work. At my school, we do not really have many choices for what IB classes we want to take, so my schedule looks completely different from yours. Anyway, what I CAN tell you is that you should all the help you can. The second you feel like you’re failing in a subject I would suggest looking up explainer Youtube videos (KhanAcademy for Math, etc). If you feel like Physics is going to hold your GPA back in the long run, drop it. You shouldn’t burn yourself
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