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  1. Hi (: I have both Greek and English A1 and I can assure you that ,at least in my school, it's fairly easy to handle both. Up to now there is not a lot of homework, and I can even say that there is an interesting relation between the two. As you may know if you take the subject at HL, you have two WL and some differences in the grading system. I have both my A1s at HL and up to now (I've just finished year 1) it is more than OK. If you have a profound interest and love for languages and literature, definitely go for it (:
  2. don't worry! it's not as bad as you think! not at all actually! you do have time and as people said, it's good that you know where you stand. maybe it would be heplful if you set monthly goals, beginning from now. you definitely can make it!
  3. hmm, i'd go for English HL. and Greek HL. hm... and History HL. i do enjoy the IB (:
  4. another tip from me is that you should keep in mind always to relate the literary features you mention to the effect they create, e.g. aliiteration emphasizes the specific phrase, in order to ... a common mistake students do (including myself!) is that they tend to narrate rather than analyze. and when it comes to profound analysis, it's definitely OK to insist upon certain points if you think they are very signifant. justanotherone says it : you may find some things straightforward or evident, especially in proze. first of all, no problem, state the obvious. but there must be an extension to
  5. banned for saying idk, which i don't get.
  6. hmm we do not do really depressing texts i think. The House of Bernarda Alba was a rather strong one, especially through its sense of confinement. i'm still in year 1, though.
  7. hmm, i'd say breakdancing i find parkour rather dangerous (hahaha) and plus, through breakdancing you have access to other forms of dancing, too - if you're interested. good luck
  8. may

    Theatre PPP

    i've just finished my mock PPP and i really enjoyed it - even though i doubt that the result deserves something more than 5. our stimulus was the Trojan Women by Euripides. I used the character of Cassandra, and even though the concept was clear, i don't think i made a good usage of the theater elements. one tip i can give is that PPP needs time, especially for working on the concept. generally, i don't think it is very hard (: i love the creativity of this project.
  9. wow, this is a very good list. i tried to find something to add, but i think it's compelete! well done (: and thank you.
  10. don't worry, i don't think you'll have a problem with this change of grade. my final grade dropped a lot -more than yours- but i had absolutely no problem. welcome to IB (:
  11. i do not trust what people say, especially after the incident with my history teacher. before IB, when i was at your situation of choosing subjects etc, there were some friends of mine that tried to deter me from taking this subject by saying that the teacher is not at all agreeable. first of all, she's great. and there is a chance that yours is very nice as well. or at least not horrible. & plus, by saying that she's great i don't mean that she gives good marks or that she's lenient. she manages to communicate the passion she has for history and she apperciates those who try - no matter t
  12. mine was an analysis of the poem called 'Silver Lining' written by Carol Ann Duffy for the eruption of the Icelandic volcano (the famous Eyjafjallajoekull)!. i found rather interesting the rapid response of the poet to what is actually going on and troubles millions of people. in my opinion, the poem gave indeed a (rudimentary but still) solution to the problem. if you'd like to listen to the poet reciting her work, http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8629000/8629103.stm.
  13. Unfortunately i have not studied Shakespeare as much as i'd like to. i've read only 3 of his plays, and a number of his sonnets. indeed, it's more 'easy' and apparent to understand his genius from his sonnets. i think that the way Shakespeare is taught in schools is very significant in order to grasp the beauty.
  14. i did duet acting! it was a very fun activity & plus i improved my acting skills! i got around 30 hours for the rehearsals & the competition! however, it must belong to your school's forensic activities in order to participate.
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