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  1. Hi, Yes, English B is more general more basic than A. English A is more focusing to literature and a lot of reading sections. IF you are interested at readying then A of course. If you want to study in universities that are abroad, especially United States or Britain then English A helps a lot.
  2. Hi, thanks for the response. This helps a lot. I have glanced the website, looks good. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys. I am studying currently in Finnish DP. I just had a Finnish exam and i found out that i have a big big problem with the Finnish grammar. I need a Plan B for next year when we need to choose the subjects.(They have 3 ib year in Finland. First year is Pre-year) Since I am a Chinese so my Plan B is Self-taught Chinese. 1. Is there kind of different level for Self-Taught Chinese, like Chinese A HL, A SL, B HL, B SL? is it mandatory to choose Chinese A since it from the Group 1. 2. Will they give me some kind of materials for my study for my final exam? I can't just attend the F
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