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  1. Hey! Im no Ib examiner of course, but the topic seems really interesting! Take into consideration the random factors that could affect how a person may get infected such as their routine and all, you should limit it to some worldwide established parameters bc if not, it would be kind of unpredictable. Hope Im not answering too late!
  2. Hey guys, I was woking on my maths internal assesment when I decided to look up soome examples online about my topic (golden ratio on my local city) and I found out that the topis is "overused" and that I could get a bad grade because the topic lacks from creativity. This golden ratio in architecture topic really interested me and even more considering that theres no information about it being used on my city online (Im from Montevideo, Uruguay) so I would be the one that makes the whole progress and maybe, that could compensate tge creativity issue. What do you guys think? Is it really lik
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