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  1. Hello, I've been having a lot of trouble settling on a question. My advisor is not replying to my email so I can't get anything approved. My idea is the application of calculus in numbers of different bases (normally we go by base 10 so I can investigate the applicability of calculus in base 9, base 8, etc. ) Does this question look alright? Some other ideas: Does finding the number of prime numbers in any range using the Euclidean algorithm work? I can write about the proof of the Euclidean algorithm and then use computers to apply the euclidean algorithm on all intege
  2. Hello, So I foolishly assumed that the math EE would be the same as a math ia and chose math. Now I'm having some trouble choosing a question. Does game theory and the game gomoku or maybe connect four work? (gomoku is like connect 5 but on a 15x15 board and you can place wherever instead of just dropping pieces down in columns) Or maybe researching how the AM and GM inequality can be used on polynomials? Like how the laws are applicable and can be used in polynomials. Or maybe the use of newtons sums on recursion?
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