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  1. Hi! I’m pretty sure we will get our results in January
  2. Hi! So if you are interested in going to bayview ss then I can help you. So there are 4 steps for applying- all of which you can find on the bayview ss website. There is an application- basically just ur personal information (address,etc) which is due by nov 7. Then there is a personal portfolio which is basically writing about three important artifacts in your life. If you are in yrdsb then your grade 7 report card will be sent automatically but if not then you will get an email on instructions how to send it. The final part is an Assessment. You will be given a prompt and will have 40 minute
  3. Thank you so much! I’m sorry I just have one more question. Is the entrance exam only writing about the prompt or is it about math, French, English, etc? Sorry again and have a nice thanksgiving!
  4. Hi! Im also applying for the Ib program at Bayview. I just wanted to ask if you did an entrance exam? And if so what was it about? Also sorry to ask what is the admission assessment and portfolio? Im sorry again for asking so many question. Thank you so much!
  5. Tysm! This website has everything! Have a nice evening!
  6. Here’s two books that may be good. Honestly, I can’t tell you for sure that they may help but they look promising.
  7. Wow, my Kumon isn’t as high as you. I’m on level J in math and K in reading. For the books, you can go to the library’s website and just search up SAT prep or IB program (maybe you will find something) But I can look for some for you.
  8. Also I didn’t mention this for english I also go to Kumon (for math also) It’s very helpful for the exam I would say. I did the grade 7 guass math contest and Kumon math helped me a ton. Idk how this helps but if u arent already, I would recommend Kumon ( also not a sponsorship) edit: there is this one book in Toronto library. It’s taken and will be for a while but if you get ur hands on it, I think it will help a ton
  9. Y’a I saw the website and I am going sign up for a few tutors(Tyy) For this website, I have notifications to my email so when someone comments on one of my things or even on this “chat” I get an email. Thank you so much for everything -the advice and ideas, honestly ur one of the only people who’s helped me- the internet has literally nothing. Have a fantastic day!
  10. I also made a lists of books for the ib entrance exam that may help
  11. I’m got 2 books from the library called McGraw-Hill’s 500 SAT reading, writing and language and McGraw-Hill SAT writing and language test & SAT essay. I also did ur suggestion for the vocabulary app (btw thanks) On khan academy there is a course for the SATs that I’m doing. https://www.khanacademy.org/login?continue=https%3A//www.khanacademy.org/mission/sat/exams If you search up entrance exam pratice questions there are a lot of pratice questions for the English part. There are also many tutors for the exam. I don’t know how it is in Ottawa but you can prob find a really good
  12. Thank you so much, you are a life-saver! Good luck on your exam!
  13. Honestly in yrdsb, the only thing I think I know is that for the English portion- all questions are multiple chose and there is an essay with an unknown topic (changes each year) I don’t know if that helps. Also thank you so much for the Grade 9 Pascal idea, it was very helpful. Sorry one question, how are you practicing for the French portion of the exam? Thank you again
  14. Also this : http://www.yrdsb.ca/schools/bayview.ss/IB/50GreatEssays/2014-YRDSB-IBSampleQuestions-v2.pdf https://ib.gjh.sk/en/testy/
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