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  1. I live in Vaughan and I go to yrdsb. I'm going to be in grade 8 in September. Just confirming my test will be in the beginning of grade 8 right? What should I study for the math test? I am really scared. Should I volunteer at kumon I've been volunteering with the liberals currently. Do you have any practice links that you can send? I'm going to Alexander Mackenzie High School.
  2. Do you recommend volunteering before you give the ib entrance exam? Does it help with your exeptance. I live in vaughan and I'm 13 years old. Would I be able to volunteer?
  3. I haven't taken the Ib exam yet. I'm looking for advice myself.
  4. I'm using Khan Academy and I'm practicing SAT questions with the SAT prep books that I borrowed from the library.
  5. How did you practice for the Ib entrance exam? Can you send me the links please? I'm going to Alexander Mackenzie High School.
  6. Do you have the links for the practce tests? I'm going to Alexander Mackenzie do you have any materials for that?
  7. Do you have a practice exam for math, french or english?
  8. Do you have any practice tests for math or french?
  9. Do you have a practice test for math or french? I'm going to Alexander Mackenzie.
  10. Do you know how the alexander mackenzie pre ib test is? I have my ib exam I think the november and I don't k now how to practice for it do you have any advice in math or french?
  11. I'm also going in alexander Mackenzie. How can I see previous entry exams for Father McGivney or Bayview?
  12. I'm starting at my new school Herbert Carnegie next year and I'm going to the high school Alexander Mackenzie. How do I prepare for the pre ib exam? What did you guys use? What kind of questions are there in the math, english and french part? Do you have any websites or subjects I should particularly use to study. On my grade 7 report card I got all E's. My lowest grade in term 2 was 80 and the highest was 98 and in term 1 the lowest grade was 78 and the highest was 97. Can somebody please help me?
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