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  1. thank you very much for the book suggestions! just make sure that you check the prices before you go because when you start they *might* make you take an ontario provincial test for $200-$300 and plus the hourly fees is absurd (my friends went to one here). also the SSAT is like the CAT exam, so that will help a lot. thank you and have a great day! (I'm sorry for saying this again, and no I'm not promoting this, but schoolhouse.world has lots of free tutors.) (also do you come on this website often?)
  2. Here's a french series on schoolhouse.world: https://schoolhouse.world/series/1707 You can sign up here (to join the website): https://schoolhouse.world/?ref=u-z1ajnnxz2boghp
  3. There's no french.. right? If there is.. well. I moved to Ottawa in March from Alberta and they don't teach you french in school. It's my worst and only grade less than 90.
  4. Despite being the capital of Canada, Ottawa, doesn't make us do French in our exam which honestly surprises me. However, if I were in your place, I'd practice on Duolingo and join some french sessions on schoolhouse.world. Also, your exam seems like it will ask for word meanings for words like 'superfluous' or hard words like that. So what I would do is download the Vocabulary app and schedule the notifications to 30 times a day. It will send you new, and hard words to build your vocabulary.
  5. in the yrdsb, do you guys also take the CAT like the ocdsb? also, you should practice the Grade 9 Pascal from the CEMC website (sorry if i've already said this)
  6. Oh sorry! I should've elaborated more. I mean't reading and writing skills. But yeah, I'm working on my questionnaire. I have had all E's for 7 consecutive years, so I don't think that will be a problem and everything else also has been good. I also volunteer-tutor for Kumon and schoolhouse.world. I am also a Kumon student, as you''re required to be one to tutor.
  7. also you can use the PSAT to practice for the english and math part: https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt/preparing/practice-tests
  8. And, I have another question.. sorry.. How did you study for the exam?? Do you have any practice links?
  9. okay, ill let you know if i have any more questions. thank you!
  10. oh ok. was there an online math & english exam or something like that to get into colonel by (im going to merivale) because i kind of assumed that that was the cat exam.
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