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  1. I just noticed this reply. Are you sure that was Merivale because I believe Colonel By sent them out around that time? I have a lot of friends who didn't get in and are on the waiting list still. But, I'd probably believe you if you were sure it was Merivale considering it would be absurd that they didn't send the results out nearly 2 months after the original.
  2. Hey everyone reading this forum. My parents emailed Merivale's principal and this is what we got back: Good morning, At this time, I have no update to provide. Please note that applicants are contacted should a space become available up to June, 2023. In the interim, students are advised to be registered at their home school. I'm not sure what that means in the sense that they didn't send the second round of admissions out yet due to some delay or they didn't send them out because there are no spots available.
  3. do you think they sent it out already but this year was one of the years where barely anyone got in first quarter?
  4. yk what i will accept defeat. 4 weeks later still nothing? did you get urs today? sorry for disturbing you so much over the past couple weeks.
  5. did merivale send you anything yet? they haven't said anything to me yet..
  6. okay so i've found out that merivale hasn't sent out the 1st quarter offers yet, even though the waiting list email said that they would send it out during the week of march 6th. so @kumon, don't worry.
  7. im also on the 1st quarter waiting list for merivale. my thread has some answers to your questions if you want to check it out.
  8. what did the waiting list email say? did it specify a specific week that the result would come?
  9. oh! today is exactly 2 weeks since I got on waiting list. did you get yours on Feb 21, 2023
  10. i do not think it was the 7th, considering you got your offer on the 6th. my thinking states that they would collect everybody's rejections first and send them out over a span of days. actually, reading your other replies again makes me think that they sent them out the same day they had space, since it was over a span of 2-3 days.
  11. oh okay thank you, merivale was the 8th. so thats a difference. i dont know anyone from quarter 1 who got in to merivale yet. its either only a couple people have gotten in or they havent sent it out yet.
  12. i mean like if you got in without getting on the waiting list
  13. do you know what the due date was for accepting it if they got accepted first round?
  14. thank you, but for merivale, if you got in the first round 2 weeks ago today, the due date for accepting it was this wednesday (march 8th) so i expected it to come today
  15. well.. today was the last day to the week of march 6th (as per what the email said). didn't get the email yet.. just to make sure, do you know anybody who got in first quarter today
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