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  1. Hi! I did not get great IB predicted grades at the end of DP1, totaling 29, which I am not very proud of. I would like to really improve this and I am willing to do so. I am just wondering if I can improve my grades in time for my exams which will be in May of 2023. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Thanks for response. Do you think that choosing the 5 biggest economies in the world and using their unemployment and inflation rate and comparing them would be a good internal assessment? Also, for your recommendation, I should take the top 5 countries with the highest employment and 5 countries with the lowest employment. And then I should compare their inflation and unemployment? Thanks!
  3. Hi For my Math AI Internal Assessment (IA) I am thinking of exploring the relationship between unemployment and inflation, seeing if there is any relationship like the Philips curve states. I would like to do it on this topic because I am very interested in economics. As for the data, I am thinking of taking the 3-5 biggest economies, or maybe just focusing on the United States economy, and taking their unemployment and inflation data since 1958, since this is when the Philips Curve was invented, until 2022. Does this sound like a solid idea? Thanks!
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