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  1. My Ia question is to what extent would the use of e-commerce help business Y improve brand awareness to further increase sales? However, I'm not sure what tools I should use or what questions to ask.
  2. Thank you so much for replying! However, my school has already chosen our supervisors for us, and mine is the not biggest help. That's why I'm trying to find help online. My current topic is 'To what extent is the streaming service industry characterized as an oligopoly market structure'? do you have any ideas on ways I could narrow it down? Also, do you have any ideas on what topics you think are a must to include in my essay to give me higher marks? I did some primary research in my school and that's going well, but I'm not sure what key points I should talk about that can help me
  3. Hey, I really need help structuring my EE I've been writing my EE for some time now and I think I've hit a slump on 2k words. I'm not sure what to add or not add and I feel like I'm going on a tangent. Could anyone give me advice on what to do My topic is how the video streaming service will be characterized as an Oligopolistic competitive market. Thank you!
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