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  1. heya as far as i know they can't give detailed feedback unless it's a comment draft, but i'm also pretty sure that they aren't required to give feedback if it isn't a comment draft though it is perfectly fair to ask another teacher for feedback on it as long as they aren't your teacher for that class, that way they can give you detailed feedback as many times as they're willing ykwim
  2. hi! I'm and 11th year ib student and I really need some ib friends lol if any of you guys have that same problem, i'm pretty decent with keeping up with emails (i'm even better with google chats lol) I'm fluent in english but I also know a bit of spanish and french
  3. so i am working on my history ia and i know what i wanna write about but idk what specifically i wanna talk about alexander the great and how he wasn't from egypt but became a pharaoh anyway and dive into that, but it's not specific enough. any ideas on how to get more specific? i'm way into the mythology aspect as well but i don't know how, if at all, to tie it in.
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