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  1. I'm working on something at the moment of dye sensitized thin film solar cells, a cheaper form of photovolatic cell, specifically TiO2 as material of choice. Wavelength,light intensity- it all interconnects. "The long term stability of cell performance was tested by illuminating the thin TiO2 film loaded with visible (lambda >400nm light for 2 months.) The change in photocurrent was less than 10% over this period, during which a charge of 62000 C cm^2 was passed through the device corresponding to a turnover number of 5*10^6 for the sensitizer." The above quote is
  2. Can a religious minded individual have a gay friend? I speak from experience. Or is that simply not allowed? Can you just distinguish the act of sexual relations from the viewpoint that everyone has a right to be loved and to love other people. There is a single act of power in things. Love, harmony and charity. That's what I'm leaning towards in my belief system anyway.
  3. I feel like my voice was caged. Purely by my own self. I put stuff off because I was closed to the world and to the others around me. I had a loners mentality for several years. Still kind of do. So I wrote and read many books in a bid to be more involved and understand the world around me. Still looking to break free from this. Any advice. Plain and simple. Socialising in the real world. And opening up personality wise. Thanks
  4. of course it is. Hardwork triumphs in the end. You just have to put some effort in. Then, anything's possible.
  5. How about geology or something like that? Or would that still include chemistry?
  6. I prefer music when I'm studying. It does make the process of taking in information more enjoyable although it sometimes gets a bit distracting. But then again, it depends on the type of music you choose to listen to. Something slow and quiet in terms of rhythm and tempo would be a lot better than something heavy and loud.
  7. I don't know. I just thought of it like that. I've got a weird and wacky imagination. Sometimes it just takes hold of me. nametaken. I guess it means i'm sometimes as stubborn as a mule. And quite private natured.
  8. My opinion is to live and let live. I don't know if God exists. The best way to prove Gods existence is through physical evidence that is accepted by everyone. From the rich man to the poor man to the educated man and non educated man. Universal truth. In the past, everything was told through word of mouth. Stories, tales, etc. The human mind is flawed and so is memory. No one can remember everything. Regardless of how much you train your physical self. Or however many times you go to the gym or run the marathon. I'm not equating religion ideology with stories or
  9. Hi Everything in life requires a certain level of sacrifice. You're right that the IB helps you prepare for college. It bridges the gap. But then it's also time consuming and requires a lot of hard work that you need to be willing to do to get the best outcome. My view is that since you have a clear goal of what you want to major in - political science, the IB would be good for you. In the sense that it'll help you develop your thinking skills and it'll make you a more suitable person going forward for employment later in life. In the long term, it's always how you packa
  10. Ab initio. Its easy if and only if you're good with languages. And everything starts from beginning. Your not born dead are you? Do some research for yourself. Don't ask everything and expect an answer.
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