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  1. Hi, I am interested in finance, and was thinking about doing a math ia on pricing derivatives. Anyone think it is a good idea of do an entire paper on the black-scholes model? If anyone is doing a finance topic for their math ia as well, do you mind sharing with me, please? I am seriously stuck... Thank you so much! -- Lucy
  2. I'm in the exact same situation! due on Monday, haven't even started... Anyways, I'm so sorry I don't know much about the topic, but I did find this YouTube video when I was researching for my topic. Hope it helps! Good luck on your paper, and the exams coming up! You got this!!
  3. Hi IndianTrump3688, I am currently researching for my math aa hl ia, and was going to do a similar topic. I'm even considering writing the entire paper just on the Black-Scholes-Merton model. Do you think it is a good idea? I know it's been like 5 years, but do you still have your ia? Do you mind sharing with me please? I'm struggling with what to write. Thank you so much! Take care, Lucy
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