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  1. My least favorite is French... but now i'm done French, my new least favorite is History HL, i don't why but i love biology and math and english is always in the middle for me
  2. The deadlines I believe are not that important because the extended essay does not get sent to IB until your IB exams in May. However for my school, we have to have them done In November because there is so much more work to do in IB. For example, your world lit papers. For myself, i plan to hand my extended essay in December. I am doing mine in Biology and i just finished my experiment, now i just have to write it all up.
  3. WOW, this is amazing especially the scholarship for IB students... this is very helpful for students who are applying to universities in a few months like me Thanks a lot
  4. SAT are a good back up plan... i just took them a few weeks ago and i will be taking them again in october as well. My summer is fully booked with the same things, i have my EE in Bio, my math IA, and CAS stuff. I already finished my TOK so i'm fine. I am also applying to Toronto for early acceptance in November so my life is so crazy. Also, think about ACT if you planning to go to school in the States as some schools look at ACT rather then the SAT. I'm taking both ACT and SAT when school starts.
  5. The exam for me is the hardest part. But not necessarily the exam itself, it's the studying that leads to the exam. I get so stressed and nervous about what the end results are that I find myself thinking why am I in the program in the first place.
  6. My opinion is that I dislike the program. Of course it is hard, but for us here where I live in Canada, there is hardly any universities that recognize the IB program, and becomes a disadvantage for some of us. Also, because i have friends not in the IB program and they end up taking the spots for university programs because they take classes that seem to be an easy A like drama or music as an elective for high school making them seem like they have a high average. In canada, when you apply for university, you only submit your top 6 grades and kids with easy A electives seem to have high avera
  7. Jason08

    IB or not?

    IB really helps one get ready for university, however it all depends where you are. Some countries recognize IB more than others. For example in Canada, not so many schools recognize IB and most of my friends regret coming into IB (we still don't know why were still in it). However hearing what the past OB students who graduated told us really keeps us in-focus in staying in IB. They said that being in IB made their life in University a lot easier as they already learned most of first year stuff in high school, which is great. In my opinion, IB has its advantages.
  8. It all depends on what subject, some subjects like TOK don't really have HW for you to do at night, however TOK has tons of papers to do, but usually you get a week to do them. But subjects like chemistry and Biology and even math require more of your night as teachers tend to give quite a bit of homework to make sure you know the material for the IB exam. It all depends on your time management, if your skills are good in that field, you will do fine. good luck
  9. well my exam for Bio is on friday, not the IB exam, just the school one. Anyways the best way to study is reading your notes twice a day. Now that the exam is coming close, you start applying what you know to possible questions that may be asked on the exam. IB exams are not knowledge and understanding questions, they are application questions on how well can you apply what you learned into the answer.
  10. this is hilarious, i have seen many versions of these list, but this is one of my favorite ones. It is like dead on for me, well most of them. haha
  11. i'm like 3.7 unweighed, i don't know what my weighed GPA is.
  12. Doing work for IB are my plans for the Summer... here is the list -Start my EE -Work on my Math IA Portfolio -Keep volunteering for CAS -Read books from book list for World Lit. -Plan out my Extended Project for CAS -Not IB, but i need a JOB! -Also, study for my second SAT I and my first ACT in September -Get papers for early acceptance for Universities
  13. Whats with everyone and these dystopian novels, like what is so interesting about them? the only one i read is the Chrysalids in Grade 9, and i hated it so much, like with passion. However i am willing to give Dystopian novels one more shot, i'm thinking of reading 1984 as it sounds great coming from you guys, and so many of guys seem to like it.
  14. When it comes to History IA, you have to chose a topic that you feel most comfortable doing. It will be very hard if you chose a topic you think IB will like, but in the end you really hate because you won't feel like researching about and you won't be interested in what your doing, so chances are you won't try your best. I finished my IA about 4 months ago and I really like social history, so I did mine on the case of these two teenagers who wanted to commit a prime crime and how their case was justified because of their social ranking and wealth.
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