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  1. Hello to whoever is reading this, In the past week I have submitted two pretty awful and unfinished IA drafts. I fully acknowledge that this is my own fault due to my poor time management, but I was wondering if anyone had advice on what I should do now? One of the teacher's at my school told my classmates and I that; Poor draft = Poor feedback = !!BAD IA!! Needless to say this statement has been stressing me out a bit. If any IBDP 1 students happen to be reading this then DON'T BE LIKE ME. Manage your time well and hand in the best possible draft you can.
  2. Hello I think your selection looks quite good considering your plans for university. However, I'm currently taking Geo HL and found that it goes quite well with Bio SL. This is not to say that Chem is a bad choice so please don't take it that way lol. Just be prepared for a lot of work since your subject choices are not necessarily the easiest. Hope that helped
  3. Tysm! Will try focusing more on practice questions 😊
  4. Hi. I don´t think you should drop it. I take HL art too so I know the workload is heavy, however if you really enjoy it you I am sure you will be successful. Also, if you drop it you will have to take another class (If you are aiming for the full IB diploma) meaning that you will have to catch up for another class which would be really difficult and time consuming. Hope this helped 😊
  5. Hi and thank you so much for answering my question. The classes which I take are: Lang. and Lit. HL, Visual Arts HL, Geo. HL, Bio Sl, Math Sl and Langauage A Sl. When studying for Bio. and Geo. I always start off re-reading my notes from class and then I create new notes from them supplementing from the textbooks as well. Then I do practice questions but they often take a long for me so I end up not doing many. Sometimes I watch lecture style videos on Youtube if I can find any good ones. For Bio. I also use BioNinja a lot. For math I just do practice questions which my teacher prov
  6. I am in grade 11 and have not received a single grade 7 for the entire year so far. I try really hard but the most I have gotten is a 6. Does anyone have some tips on how I can improve my grades? I study and try my best to stay on top of things, but there must be something that I could be doing better. Thanks.
  7. I wanted to cook for CAS but was confused on how to make it count (I'm assuming it would count for creative?) so maybe you could explain it to me? Thank you and happy new year πŸŽ‰
  8. peachjelly

    Art theme

    Hi there, I take HL art and have now come to the point where I have to pick a theme. I really don't know what to pick because I'm kinda indecisive but also because I am a little nervous that I'll pick a "Bad" theme. does anyone have some tips on choosing a theme? Thanks 😊
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