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  1. I am into aircrafts and want to study aircraft engineering in university. Do you know any universities has aircraft engineering bachelor program????
  2. ı am planning to do my EE on sherlock holmes. I am not able to talk my EE coordinator. Do you think it is going to take a high grade
  3. I still don'T have an EE RQ bc of my school. Thank you for your advices. I did great gatsby on my IOC so I've planing to do on sherlock holmes. And if you have an idea can you specify a topic on tale of two cities or sherlock holmes
  4. I think you should specify your question with a character or etc. I t is too simple for a RQ. But I also decided to write my EE on one of the sherlock holmes book. If you give me an example that would be perfecrt. And again if you can pharase it it's too good
  5. Hi, guys. I have a question on my mind about doing extended essay on movie. I take English B HL. I don't want to do ordinary things like 1984 or Jane Austen books. But I don't know how should I do properly. Can you guys give me a hand with examples. IT'S AN EMERGENCY
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