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  1. hi everyone, does someone know if we will do the covid model of the ib exams? We think we will do the normal exams with the paper 3, but we don't really know. Does anyone know something about this?? Thanks
  2. https://ibresources.org https://ibresouces.org/ib-past-papers/ in ib documents too, now the page goes down for me, but maybe later will work. I always use these pages good luck!
  3. Honestly, I'm a little confused about this topic. I want to study mechanical physics and aerospace engineering. Nowadays, I'm in IB1 I have done 1 term, and I studied aa sl but I think I have to change to hl. But I'm not sure, 'cause I'm not so good at maths as I would want. my other subjects are physics hl, business management hl Spanish A literature and sth more I don't remember hl maths SL chemistry SL English B SL. If I change I will drop Spanish to sl In this term, I get a 3 in maths SL, but the teacher told me that I have experimented with a good progression this term
  4. Hi, I want to study mechanical/ particular physics and aerospace engineering at MIT or Caltech. I'm in my first year of the DP My subjects are Spanish Language and Literature hl, physics hl, business management hl, English B SL, maths aa SL and chemistry SL. Okay, my problem is that maths and I are not good friends; but I think I will need maths in hl because they will tell me that I have to do it to solicited in this uni or I will need this content for the classes, and I don't find on the web of MIT the specifications with the subjects in hl, I only find that I need a 39 or mo
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