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  1. Calling all IBDP English Lang & Lit students! This week at www.smashlanglit.com we are looking at a question that will literally help you explore a fiction and non-fiction text with more depth and creativity...helping you get closer to that L7 response! TEAM SMASHLANGLIT (don't forget to register for weekly updates...) #NOSPOONFEEDING **FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE...USE A LAPTOP
  2. Hi IB English Lang&Lit DP students! This week on www.smashlanglit.com - we give you the SMASHLANGLIT THREE MINUTE THESIS template! With this you can create a SMASHING Paper 2 introduction and thesis! Don't forget to sign up for weekly updates TEAMSMASHLANGLIT #NOSPOONFEEDING @SMASHLANGLIT *FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE...VIEW ON A LAPTOP
  3. Hi Abashi, I'm actually going to be posting about how to write a three-minute thesis statement on my site www.smashlanglit.com; this will focus on Paper 2 and could help with structuring the beginning of your response (this will then help with writing the rest of the essay); the post will be out on Monday, in the meantime why don't you have a look at the other stuff I've got on there?
  4. This week FOR FREE on smashlanglit.com...don't forget the LIP and get closer to your L7 in LangLit Paper 1! Also check out cool (and complex) stylistic features like synecdoche, metonymy and cataphora! www.smashlanglit.com
  5. Calling IBDP Lang & Lit students! This week on www.smashlanglit.com we are looking at Lang & Lit Paper 1, and how to explore the way a writer shapes meaning! This is a really important part of your Paper 1 response - by successfully writing about how the writer shapes meaning you can really score some high marks for Criterion B! On www.smashlanglit.com you can find key phrases to help write about how the writer shapes meaning. You can also download our free SMASHLANGLIT analysis template! You will find this on no other website...and
  6. Calling all IBDP students! www.smashlanglit.com has been launched to help you excel at LangLit. On our site you'll find tried and tested strategies and free resources to help you: SMASH your Paper 1 introduction SMASH structuring your Paper 1 & Paper 2 response SMASH writing in depth about texts for Paper 1 & Paper 2 SMASH your understanding of complex stylistic features Check out www.smashlanglit.com and sign up for weekly updates! See you soon! Team SmashLangLit www.smashlanglit.com
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