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  1. My immediate answer is no. Maths AA and Maths AI are quite different and learning everything in the six months you have left seems a bit like a waste of time, specially if you have a national programme. Then again, if you're good at maths and believe you can learn everything in this time, you can try it out. It just not seems worthy of your time and effort. If you eventually decide you want to change subjects, you're still able to do it until your school sends your "profile" to the IB. Otherwise, you'll have to pay a fee. Hope this helps!
  2. Usually, universties like to see applicants with Math AA HL and/or Physics HL, basically because they're quite challenging subjects. This means they'll perceive you as a competitive candidate. However, you need to evaluate your limits. Don't push yourself in doing 3 super hard HL subjects just to lose points on the exams and get behind on the coursework and IAs. From personal experience, i would absolutely die if i had maths and physics HL, but if you like the subjects and they're interesting to you go for them! If you want to impress, perhaps consider putting Maths AA HL. Then choose the
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