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  1. Oh yeah just to clarify I was talking about an English literature course, not English as a second language. (I forgot to specify the class in my original reply). And yeah I feel that everyone knows what kind of answer the teacher wants to hear and answers accordingly in English literature.
  2. Omg I understand exactly how you feel, this was how I felt in pre IB English. I felt like everyone else's answers were sophisticated and I was wasting my time by being there. I still feel like everyone else is smarter. Tbh, the people in your class are no better than you. They probably just talk and act in a way that makes them seem "smarter" than you.
  3. No, good grades aren't an accurate measure of intelligence, even though many (including me) often associate them with intelligence. I've seen people who get good grades, but cheat so their grades aren't honest grades. There are also people who get good grades, but lack any common sense. Also people who learn differently, and do not do well on traditional tests and evaluations have to be factored in. So grades are not at all a determiner of intelligence. There is a lot more to intelligence than being able to get good grades. Good grades will make you feel good when you get them, but it
  4. when the only jokes you tell are sarcastic jokes about IB.
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