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  1. Do you mean you have either 3 sections for an SL course, or 5 sections for an HL course? If so, you must stay in the same sections, otherwise you won't recieve full IB credits. (at least from everything I know?)
  2. Hey everyone, so as per the usual I'm so behind on my work.🤪 But spoiler, this time it's actually essential to be done on time though. Yeah, my college essay is due by Nov 1 and I haven't the slightest idea on what I want to write. So, since I do IB (unfortunately) and out of the 170 kids in my grade I'm the only one, I was thinking of mentioning this is my essay. But.... it seems like it would be just a catch grab since it's quite a boring topic to talk about. So did anyone talk about IB in their essays or no or literally anything else??? 😂😭
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