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  1. Yea none taken, I picked maths because although psychology was my first choice, I didn't take it because I'm in STEM and my school doesn't allow STEM kids to take psych. and they didn't recommend I do a psych EE because I didn't take it. I didn't want to do geo, history, or english and physics was apparently super hard to do. My friend also suggested doing math because apparently it was one of the topics that gave out better marks? Something like that; either way I don't really think I can switch anymore since the rough draft is due in 2 days
  2. So I'm doing a math EE and I my topic is stress on students and their coping habits. My problem is with the topic of my EE, I'm concerned about it because with the evidence and data that I've collected for my research, I'm not able to actually calculate any math with it. So I've come to the conclusion that I need to change the topic entirely to allow me to do some actually math in my data. I remember reading somewhere that math EE's can revolve around statistics and so my research that I've collected are mainly just statistics on student stress but I cannot do any actual math with it because
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