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  1. I'm looking to write an IB Math HL AA IA (Exploration) related to Probabilistic Language Models (like predicting future words with n-grams) or anything related to linguistics. I'm having trouble picking a topic though that will have the correct mathematical rigor and sophistication and are able to be structured like an IA. Are there any topics within the field that could make a good IA question that I could research? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi! I'm currently taking HL Math AA, HL Physics, HL Philosophy, SL Chemistry, SL English A Literature, and SL French B and I'm looking to apply to T10 US schools (Brown, Princeton, Yale, etc.). I'm thinking of switching from SL Chemistry to SL Theatre, but I'm concerned that this will affect my chances at being admitted into a Top US university, because Theatre may be seen as an easier course in their eyes. Would this have an effect on my chances, with all else being the same?
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