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  1. Hey yall im wanting to do my ess IA on fast fashion - consumption awareness, i was thinking something about the antithesis of marketing and sustainability but i genuinely do not know how to work my question if anyone has any tips i would appreciate them so much thankuuuu
  2. hey random i know your finished but what was ur question?
  3. does anyone struggle with studying for ESS i find it so so so boring and my teacher is just the worst and so i dont know anything, if anyone has some tips u could give me pls feel free 😩😩😩
  4. if any historians know how to structure research and writing, i feel like im just too messy! lmk!! pls
  5. i feel like i am not efficient at all when it comes to writing my history IA and EE, or even when writing any assessment, i overthink alot and so i have a difficult time trying to finish things, it will take me a long time, but i am not being efficient or productive😫 does anyone have any tips on how to be efficient w time and just get stuff done
  6. do you reckon i should do ""to what extent did Franco (or Spanish state under Franco) achieve his economic aims or To what extent did Franco achieve the aims of his economic policies/reforms (insert time period)? - and talk abt the 1959 stabilisation plan ? thanks sm by the way!
  7. i was wondering if this is a good enough global Issue for my io ? my literary text is chronicle of a death foretold "how stereotypes limit identity" - my teacher said it is overdone and too broad but i dont know what to talk abt how could i talk about honour in a global issue, or something to do with cultural norms ?? (ALSO IGNORE ATTATCHMENT IDK HOW TO GET RID OF IT!- religion hw)
  8. i am struggling with ideas for optimization! if anyone has any can u pls send through!!!!!!!
  9. i really need help with my EE about franco, i was told by my supervisor to change it and my next deadline is 2000 words in 6 days, is it good enough to analyse wether he was good for spain overall? how would i word this question? (it was a 39 year dictatorship) so i feel like it would be too long a period to analyse in 4000 words but i dont have an argument so i dont know what to do!!! another option would be to focus on the spanish civil war and how guernica was possibly a turning poitn for this. All my research has been focused on the period of dictatorship so i would have to do new researc
  10. i dont really know what i can argue, or if it is too far back in time? im scared there wont be enough first hand evidence or just enough info? im not sure where to start😅
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