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  1. Hey! Does anyone know a free plagiarism checker that really good?
  2. My computer topic is the performance evaluation of RSA and DES. I have done watched YouTube video to aid in understanding both encryption methods. I have found a problem finding research papers to help in my research work and have a problem with essay outline development. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  3. Dear you, Most certainly. lt's your work. If you would like. You can check the following websites. These websites can help you find which journal can easily take publish your work. https://beckerguides.wustl.edu/c.php?g=648201&p=4545487 https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/publishing-your-research/choosing-a-journal/journal-suggester/ https://jane.biosemantics.org/ Hope this helps!!!!
  4. A lot of universities indicate under the admission requirements what subjects they require. For example I want to study computer science and a university I want to apply to said "a hl score of 766 with a 39 total score, the 7 being in mathematics AA and the 66 being in any other subject of your choice". Some universities can recommend subjects to do for your other hl subjects placed under optional subject requirements. My best advice is to choose hl subject in things that you are strong at you can do economics and business management in hl since some aspects are similar and another language or
  5. My topic is "The effects of container on the freezing points of different salt solutions." and my advisor pointed out an issue with the experiment which was, I could not determine the specific time that the solution reaches its freezing point if I was to conduct the experiment. Any tips on how I could determine the specific time of freezing or if simulation would be more effective any simulation software's for recommendation. Thank you
  6. Hi all! I have proposed multiple IA topics to my teacher and he rejected all of them I want me topic to deal with calculus. Any tips or ideas on what I could choose my topic on. Thank you
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