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  1. Hey, I found this post and it gave me idea for IA, I am doing maths AA HL so exploration of mathematics behind pseudo random number generator, which areas of maths should I focus on? Any particular theories? Is this good enough of a topic for AA HL? thanks
  2. I want to do mathematic in music and I found that Fourier is basically the only HL option, any recommended scientific work I can use? Any other HL topics for maths in music?
  3. well i think it depends on university, they usually have specific ib requirements for each course on their website, also an option to contact them aka their advisor if you don't have an opportunity for certain subject. Maybe this helps but I think you should be fine with bio
  4. I have the same problem, but when I looked through websites of different universities they all recommended HL biology so I took that. Maybe its helpful.
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