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  1. Haha I think that was the first time EVER that IB asked us to write an introduction to a passage. I didn't even bother with a title/subtitle-- I dove right in and was like "We are a company that specializes in cheap prices. Our features are etc." and basically stuffed in as much of the article as humanly possible! AND HOLY CRAP I walked into P2 so prepared to write a ri ji but then I guess IB is bored of students writing ri ji's so they deliberately gave us such a weird question to answer. I mean seriously, the moon? Who the hell has that vocabulary? HEY I wrote about my stepdad! That's aweso
  2. TZ1 I think is the Americas and TZ2 would be the rest of the world (I.e. Europe and Asia). This is actually reassuring, to see so many people freaking about their maths! I thought I did terrible and if everyone thought so then the bell curve just might save me. I need a 5 for maths but wouldn't mind getting a 4 either, so long as my other grades can help balance it out.
  3. 你们考得怎么样?I thought texts 1, 2 and 4 were really easy. Text 3 was a bit of a struggle but overall P1 was relatively okay! P2 was amazing-- it had the simplest prompts in the world. In the end I chose the first prompt (对我最大影响的一个人) and had a fun time writing over 300 characters. In retrospect I think I might have gone over the character limit, if any. What did you guys think of it?
  4. I chose DP1940 as well! Used a ton of quotes, included many literary features and analyzed it in a metaphorical sense, not so much literally. Hope I did well on it, as P2 was absolutely awful!!
  5. Not too much orgo! Well at least in my opinion
  6. Haha Fleming, Florey and Chain! I was revising for M&D by going through the syllabus and it specifically mentioned about the development of penicillin, so I'm glad I did okay on that question Tricky, IB. P1 was awful! I think I probably scored a 3 if I'm lucky. P2 was okay, around the 4-5 band I think and P3 was incredibly easy! I'm aiming for a 7 for that one. I did Biochemistry and M&D, both of which were very generous in giving out a lot of freebie questions. Haha
  7. Our school uses this: http://www.haesemathematics.com.au/book.asp?book=ibsl-2_epg, it's fairly useful for revision. What's great is that many of the questions are from past papers.
  8. ppincus

    YouTube Review

    Seems to have all the topics
  9. University of Sussex in BRIGHTON!! Aww yeah! Haha I'm pretty stoked to get those IB points and to leave college!
  10. Just a quick question- does anyone have the grade boundaries for the interactive oral presentations and the IOP for Group 2 SL? Thanks in advance, Phil.
  11. IMO it would probably have to be probability and statistics, vectors and calculus.
  12. I'm wondering why your teacher didn't carry on to question you till the preferred 10 minute recording?
  13. Old thread, but if it's any reassurance to those who are planning to take IBSL Mandarin, let me give you some perspective. Prior to entering the IB I only took Mandarin for 2 years. The first year I studied a Mandarin 1 textbook, and then the 2nd year jumped directly to a Mandarin 3 textbook (partly because I self-studied the words and sentence structures in the Mandarin 2 textbook). I'm in my fourth year learning Mandarin (so IBY2) and am predicted a 6. I'm quite happy with that knowing my past experiences with the language. As long as you're reading texts and taking notes of SOME but not all
  14. How harsh do you think the moderators are for the individual oral presentation? I just did mine and I think I messed up on the interview portion. I mean, the teacher said I spoke with fluency but in terms of gathering ideas and trying to express them I had some troubles with. Haha it was funny actually-- one of the questions she asked was "compare the differences between Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine" and I basically said that Chinese cuisine was more oily and told her a story about how my mum told me once that people without much money use a lot of oil so they can become full much faster (ba
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