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  1. The simplest example of risk comparison for Bitcoin is stock trading. Any exchange is a ready-made example of risk calculation. As for the future, please pay attention to this cryptocurrency-trading-app. In my opinion, the use of mobile tools and minimal automation (bot programs) will lead to widespread cryptocurrency business in general. This will affect not only those who work professionally in the field of economics, but also ordinary citizens who want to make money online.
  2. Young people today are more socially active than middle-aged people. I've always considered it a plus. But we also often do not have free time because we have to study and work hard to win our place in the sun. I want to tell all the guys and girls that you are great)) But do not forget about your personal life. Even if the work takes a lot of resources .. you can still visit Iwantdating. Communicate, fall in love, inspire.
  3. Much depends on the profession that the student chooses. College is simpler, faster. You can never guess with an employer. Most of my friends were looking for their first job in their specialty from 3 months to 2 years. Sometimes it seems to me that it is easier to enter the cryptocurrency topic and make money on it than to go through the entire official path of employment. I paid attention to exchanges and other ways to get btc now. Everything goes to the fact that online work will become a priority over standard professions.
  4. There were quite a few tips here. However, there is a nuance in online dating. Many sites are specialized. I understand that you need a serious relationship. There is a site that implies classic dating, click here. It may sound old-fashioned, but it works well when you are looking for a regular girlfriend (or wife).
  5. What about the use of autotrade gold bot in gold transactions? How profitable it is now compared to a professional broker. I started with a forex bot as my assets were not very large. Now I'm wondering if it's worth changing what works well. I agree with this and I think that there are excellent AIs that serve banks or financial sectors of large countries)) But I do not think that it is AI that is in the asset for medium-sized businesses. There are standard software tools, for example, for forex robot trading. It can be used by both beginners and experienced traders.
  6. I try not to perceive the world so hard. It's enough for me to just live and feel comfortable. I have parents, friends, work and hobbies. I began to think a little about my own family. I'm trying to search for someone online, but I won't be disappointed if it comes up next time)) I am definitely sure that fulfilling a goal is not my responsibility, but one of the possibilities.
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