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  1. I can send you one I've got, but why are you practicing paper two essays when they've been cancelled for M22? Seems like a lot of unnecessary stress. Let me know if I should send over the file. In terms of online databases you might have some luck on ibdocuments?
  2. Yes, if you then subsequently write a blog or something and share it in the community. Self study isn't considered CAS. There has to be a Service element to it usually.
  3. Go and do volunteering at a uni or laboratory. This is definitely possible and stands out on your application.
  4. Bruh no that's straight gambling. Anything money related if its not charity doesn't count as CAS. Same goes for making your own business. NOT CAS. You're not providing a service to your community. Same goes for betting/gambling. It's considered a Disservice to your community and is Illegal may I add.
  5. You do MYP so you know of Service as Action. Literally that but with more reflecting. Seriously if I can give you advice, Everything counts for CAS, your teachers are usually there to help if you can't think of anything. Also do your CAS in IB Y1. All of it. I got **** from my CAS coordinator for cramming it all, but seriously you need the time in IB DP 2 more than you need it in Y1.
  6. Yes, of course. Basically everything counts for CAS lol. As Long as you write enough reflections you'll be more than fine.
  7. No clue there's no standardised math placement test in IB, but you should probably revise functions in every way possible. New IB math is almost exclusively functions of every sort.
  8. Same way I did my IA, just follow some random Youtube Tutorial. What matters is the write-up anyway. Pretty sure you can still score highly with a terrible website as long as the write up and reflection throughout is rigorous enough.
  9. I may sound ignorant, but are you allowed to use simulations??? Using Phet (https://phet.colorado.edu) would probably be my go-to for a library of experiments you could actually run online.
  10. What do you mean by Category 2?
  11. Unless you want to study Chemical engineering or something more particular, you really don't need Chemistry. Plus doing two sciences is a pain in the ass. I give this advice a lot, but just check the websites for the courses you want to study. They'll specifically say what subjects are required to study a given course. TLDR: No
  12. In addition, this often stressed enough: Check what the course you want to do at Uni requires! Some Psychology courses (for example) require Chem HL and Bio HL with IB Psych nowhere to be seen. I know the choice seems insignificant now, but you don't want to be in a position to not have taken the courses required for what you want to study.
  13. Check what the prerequisites for you chosen courses are! Some universities will actually not care about (/not require) IB CS, even if you want to study robotics, since CS isn't offered at too many IB schools. So I'd personally go the safer route and take Physics HL and CS SL if you can. But again, check what the requirements for your chosen university are!! This is super important. Hope I could help.
  14. I'm obviously not a teacher, but I think trying to switch to a world studies EE now, might be an issue. I'd probably say two things: I do think the scope is quite reasonably focused. I guess I'd just make sure that you don't fall too far into the BUS MAN side of things. I'm not familiar with the exact structure of Man United, but I can confidently say that any firm is usually profit maximising. I guess you'd have to specifically be able to prove that it is in fact due to the foreign investment that the club has become (more?) profit maximising in the 2010s compared to the 2000s. I r
  15. Hey, exciting stuff! Since I don't know what subject you're taking I can't recommend anything specifically but you can just download all IB related books as a PDF (with questionable legality) through a torrent (super simple actually) from ibdocuments.com. Heres the link: https://www.ibdocuments.com/tutorial.html When it comes to the syllabus for each subject (ibdocuments.com) And it's hard to find Youtube tutors for every subjects, honestly the only ones I've ever used are for Economics 'EconPlusDal', and IB Like Cole's Youtube videos, where he recommends a ton of other Youtube
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