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  1. For me, this topic hits very close to home, so keep this in mind as you read this response. You see, a few years back, when my older sister was attending, our school was the victim of an attack which left one student dead and another injured. The attacker claimed to be mentally ill, and for a while, the justice system agreed. He could not testify for a couple years because he was not deemed fit for trial. However, upon being determined to be of a clear enough mind to testify, he showed no real remorse. He was focused on insisting that it was not his fault, that it was his illness wh
  2. At my school, the IB students are definitely cliquey. But I dare to offer a reasonable explanation for this. It's not so simple as being in all the same classes, as this applies to certificate students as well. You see, the normal track people just don't understand us. I've heard so many stories of their complaints about their workload. These people think it's torture to have only a week or even a weekend to write an essay, and this only occurs maybe once a month. We're expected to do this on a weekly basis. That is just one example. Overall, I think that it's better to be around people who un
  3. Hey! I'm also doing an English Lit. EE. Mine is on "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett. One of the books we read in Year 1 was "The Back of the Turtle". I think that it's by Thomas King? It's writhe with literary elements and connects to many themes. If you're at all interested in environmental preservation, corporate corruption, native rights, or protests, it's a good one. There's also an audiobook available somewhere online, I can scrounge up the link if you're interested.
  4. Look into summer internships. My class was offered one in agricultural research. (We live in a pretty farmy area, so agriculture is a BIG DEAL. But honestly, even just gardening would be biology related. I also know some people who volunteer teaching kids about science, so maybe look into things like that.
  5. What kind of help do you have in mind? Sometimes, I have trouble working when other things are going on too. My IB friends have just learned to roll with the fact that I'll occasionally ignore them when I'm focusing.
  6. My Chemistry teacher has been very good about posting IA resources for us, so I thought that I'd share them here. Possible IA Chem Real Labs 1. Stoichiometry – investigating eggshell(Type of egg/Age of chicken) 2. Stoichiometry – investigating anti acid tablets 3. Kinetics – Effect of Conc/Type/Temp of acid on rate 4. Effect of Temp on Vapour Pressure 5. Effect of Acid/Ph on eggshell/teeth 6. Effect of Conc on E of a cell 7. Effect of Current/Time on electroplating of zinc on iron nails. 8. Effect of time on decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide 9. Effect of Temp on
  7. Overall, I'm just looking to someone to talk to who understands the pressures of IB. We've all had experiences where the people we talk to are absolutely horrible at keeping up conversations, and they're exhausting to engage with. But I've noticed that IB students are generally immune to this problem. We're all great at talking! So it would be cool if we could connect and have some meaningful conversations about IB and life in general.
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