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  1. I am doing a World Studies paper.
  2. So, firstly when you are doing a math IA, you have to have a way to obtain data. I assume you will find websites that can give you this information. That is your first goal. Find the data for your topic to ensure that you can do it. I think that your the idea is pretty cool, I would never have thought about it, but you must realize that the size of the country is going to have some affect because a small country can have an unexpected economic growth, and people might want to increase but if there is no room for those people than the population can't get any bigger. If the population can't get
  3. Your document does not work, so what would I have to do, to be able to see it?
  4. I believe "Another research question that I was thinking was "To what extent was the Hippie Movement successful in challenging the traditional gender roles of men and women in American society during the 1960s and 1970s?" would this be a stronger topic to research" would be stronger. I would recommend looking both of them up and seeing which one you can find the most information about, if you have the same amount of information, talk to your supervisor.
  5. For Service, My school has a Canes Day of Caring, I also read to children at a local elementary school. I also knit scarves for the homeless which are donated to a Church, this is a school club. For Action, I run Track and Field, Cross Country, and I play Boy Volleyball. I also ran AAU over the summer. For Creativity, I tutor children in my neighborhood, I knit for the knitting club for the homeless.
  6. I would decide on a better one, not saying yours is not good, it seems like it might be a little hard to do. As you only have limited time to actually do your IA, it is important that you choose a topic that you are able to do in the time period.
  7. What exactly do you need help with? What work are you doing now, that you believe is too basic?
  8. I am entering my senior year, and my EE is due the first Friday I go back which is August 13. I am working on it now, but I don't understand the structure or how I am supposed to do it. Please help!!!
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