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  1. So no one else does sets groups and relations?
  2. What did everyone think of the Options? I personally had sets groups and relations. I found it alright, the only question i did not get was the proof one. But it is hard to know how i will be marked because options is so weird.
  3. I studied Physics HL Math HL and Art HL. I too am looking into doing engineering. I think Chem is a good class to take but art like many of you said is a good change of pace. I also believe that taking art HL is a good way to get an HL out of the way. If you enjoy doing art Art HL is not any harder than SL. At my school almost nobody does art SL. Or if you do Chem instead of art it gives you the opportunity to do an after school class of art ( if your school has one) Lots of kids at my school did that and were able to get many creativity hours out of the way. Good luck!
  4. Hello I was wondering if anyone knows what happens if you are sick during the exams. I have been sick over the past week and seen a doctor that says I should not sit exams until I am feeling better. I missed English paper 1, and physics paper 3 today, and my previous math and physics paper I feel like I possibly failed because I was feeling so bad I could not think. My mother has emailed the IB, but can anyone here explain what happens or has it happened to any of you before? Good luck with the rest of your exams to everyone taking them now!
  5. Yes Paper 2 was easier, except for that last question. Ahh, but i got really sick during it and had a migraine so did not finish.
  6. I looked at architecture and was interested in frank lloyd wright. His work is awesome. I also looked at making an installation for my exhibition and looked at stephen hendee's stuff.
  7. Hello, I am a year 12 student and my exams are in november, Exams are not far away but i am beginning to get tired of studying does anyone have any inspiring ideas of new ways of studying so it is not as boring and so i can go for the extra hour or so every day? Thanks any advice is helpful
  8. Hey Guys I am doing a physics EE and was wondering what are the areas you are marked in? and what are the points you need to get an A, B,C....
  9. Yes I know two people who are doing there EE in ESS at my school, I do the subject but am doing the EE in physics. Their question was 1 about biodiversity of this an introduced plant that is taking over and out growing other plant. the second question is about the erosion caused from a mountain bike going down a track. Both of the kids are doing experiments.
  10. Hello I need some of your help. I am doing my EE in Physics and have one month to hand in my final copy. My research topic is "What is the optimum height: span ratio of a non-reinforced semi-circular arch that supports the most weight" I have done an experiment and began writting but don't really know how to present it. I have 200 words. I have done lots of research but do not know what to use. My supervisor the only IB physics teacher at our school and has only supervised one Physics EE. The supervisor has gone to france for six months. he is a bad teacher. so now i have a different teacher
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