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  1. Hello, these are the subjects I'm planning on taking and I'd love your advice and opinion. English Lit HL (online) History HL Geography HL French ab initio SL (online) Biology SL Math AA SL - I have another post talking about this, I'm bad and dislike math but my school does not offer AI if you have taken or know anything about this course, please let me know if I'll survive 😭. I know you can't have a calculator during the first paper so does that section need strong mental maths skills? Is it a really hard course in general?
  2. My school only offers AA, and as someone who doesn't like math, I'm scared. Hopefully I can handle AA SL Math is my weakest subject, and I plan on studying International Law or something along those lines in university. Does anyone have advice, is AA SL really that hard? I know you can't use a calculator on the first paper so hopefully, you don't need strong mental maths skills in that section. I know you can take courses online but I think that will be even harder for math, plus I'm already going to take French & English Lit online. Anyone who has done AA SL please let me know abou
  3. Hello, I'll be needing to choose my IB subjects soonish and I am in need of some advice. I'm currently interested in International Law as I do not have to live in one specific place to pursue this career. I have no idea if I would like it, but that's the plan for now. What IB subjects do I need to take, and how do I find this info out? I've been looking at some universities and I can't find the required subjects. Also, what are your opinions on International Law? Universities either offer International Law or International Relations. Please let me know. - Gabi
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