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  1. If you were to choose engineering, id advise AA HL. AA HL is more for people who really want to pursue careers involving math, because it's the highest level of math that you could take at IB. As a result, that does mean it's the most difficult, but once again, if you're confident in your abilities you can do it! In terms of AI HL: AI HL —> pre-meds, economics, statistics, data science etc, chemistry (although some uni’s don’t accept this as enough for certain science courses). Have a look at this IB subreddit and see if it helps: https://www.reddit.com/r/IBO/comments/g12u
  2. OK I just finished Year 11 and I'm going into IB after the Summer break. So I don't have first hand experience with anything but my school has fed us a load of IB information in preparation for next year. I think you might wanna switch the math IA to AA HL. I have heard it's very hard (the AA HL class started out with 22 students and finished with 6 because people kept dropping out due to the difficulty) but if you are good at math and confident in your abilities to do well in the class then I suggest you go for it. Because it will set you apart from the other students and make you look better
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