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  1. Hi everyone, I'm currently searching for chemistry ia ideas. My initial idea had to do with caffeine extraction from tea by titration, however I'm really confused about the method. I've mostly found procedures involving chloroform, which I will however not be able to use for my lab. I also came across a method that uses iodometric back titration, but there doesn't seem to be much info about it online... Does anyone have experience with this method, or has done their ia on a similar topic? I'm really interested in it but I'm concerned that it's way too complicated (i'm in chemistry sl and we ha
  2. Thank you so much for your response and for the ideas!!:)
  3. Hi! I'm currently in the process of searching for a topic for my exploration in Math AA HL. I would like to focus on calculus, and I've so far come up with two possible topics: 1) optimizing the volume/surface area of plastic bottles of different shapes (the calculations should be quite ok and I feel like I could link it nicely to some real world applications; from my searches online I have however found that it's a pretty common topic, so I'm not sure if it's better to avoid it), or 2) looking at spinning tops, most likely at their moments of inertia (I haven't done a whole lot of r
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