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  1. I decided to transfer school, but I regret a little now as seeing your reply. Anyhow I will try to do my best for rest of two years, Thank you for advising me!!
  2. Thank you for advising me. But stupidly I have already decided to move school before reading ur response. And since I read your reply, I want to back to my previous school😅 Anyway there's no way turning back now so I will do my best! Thank you!!
  3. I'm 16 years old and will start IBDP from this September. For starting IBDP, I'm thinking to transfer school because my current school doesn't achieve high results (av. 32). I have already found a school which is perfect for me in terms of subjects and results (av. 36), however, some things make me not to be able to decide whether switch the school. I started to live in abroad from last September, so I've been learning in English for only one year. My English is not fluent, but it's becoming better. My current school knows and evaluetes me, and also they say the school is good for me bec
  4. I will start IBDP from this september. I've already submitted my subject choices, but I'm thinking to change it. I'm going to take these subjects; Japanese A Self-Taught SL, English B HL, Business Management HL, Biology HL or SL, Math AA SL, and History HL. I want to study Law especially commerical in the future, so I chose History HL, but I don't think I can do it well becuase my English is not good enough (I just have started to learn in English since last September). Thus, I'm really wondering about to change History HL to Geography HL. Which do you think is the better choice?
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