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  1. Hi, just a quick addition to your information. You can also do postgraduate medicine as well by first doing a science degree. But if you are interested in doing undergrad medicine, then 45/45 is required by certain Universities which offer that course.
  2. if it does not specifically say, then what you do is divide the smallest expressed value by 2. For example, a measurement cylinder which uses the measurement unit of 1 ml (seen by the difference between two values) would be divided by 2 = 0.05ml. But I saw that yours say that the smallest value is 0.05, so I would use the value of 0.025.
  3. Apparatus like those usually express values in percentage %, it is very common to have an uncertainty anywhere from 0.5% to 5%. It is usually stated in the user manual or else please message me of the brand which you are using.
  4. yes I am done with ib so ofc a bit anxious waiting for my result. Feel free to message me if you want me to look over your EE or ias I may be able to offer some advice
  5. you could for example offer solutions to the chemical impact or offer an insight into how the impact affect the population
  6. hi, I did one which did not have lots of resources as well, maybe try to consult your teacher or classmates for help
  7. could you maybe rephrase your concern I didn't quite catch that sorry
  8. you could use plane crash, train crash or safety test (cars). but I recommend sticking to the original experiment as you won't be marked down if u do so
  9. hi, you could maybe search for online computer model, but doing experiments regarding neurobiology would involve the use of animals to the least which is impossible. I would recommend doing non experimental ee but you would need to put extra work in.
  10. for Oxford there are multiple measures of accepting a candidate, bc of the fact that candidates apply with different diploma, they often require additional standardized testing and interview which would be the upmost important things to be considered. even if you get a 45, if you do not meet the requirement that they look for In a candidate you would not be accepted.
  11. officially it is said that they will look at the historical data of the school and see how many 7s the school gives out as predicted, if there are too many, the ib will request additional proof
  12. it is commonly not acceptable to do a language b if you have learned a language AT SCHOOL for an extensive period of time and that you are native at it. But if the ib does not know this, I strongly recommend taking Spanish b as it is almost a guarantee 7
  13. yes, so to have a really good discussion and evaluation, you really want to mention and discuss the relevant bits of your findings and result of your statistical test (if presence). you should elaborate on those findings instead of just naming them such as how does the number provide supporting evidence to your hypothesis or contradicting ones. for evaluation, make sure that you tackle the limitations of using non primary data and possible flaws or limits of your findings. it would be beneficial to mention suggestion to improve but do make sure to elaborate on them
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