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  1. 4000 words is WAY easier to do than you think. You'll have to do cite lots of literature, explain and use technical definitions and usually compare and contrast certain aspects. Like how was the idea of King of the Gods (Zeus) in Greece different from Roman Jupiter or how Zeus changed his rule from Kronos and he from Ouranos.
  2. In our school it was also the case that a lot of the IB teachers did not even really know how IB exams looked so during the mock exam at the end of our first year we saw them for the first time too and really did not know how to handle it. In it I got like 35/42, yet the teachers saw that I was putting in a lot of work and was focused so in the end my predicted grade ended up being 40/42 and I got 39/42 in my final exams. So yeah these first year grades are only important for you to know where you are the weakest and where you could improve the most.
  3. Hey, I am sure there are subjects, which you can take given these interests of yours and come up with topics for them hahaha. Agriculture ->Environmental Systems and Societies or Bio. Both have ecology, soil structures and plants as a big share of their curriculum. So a study on agricultural practices of a certain region, the growth of particular plants in certain soils, use of fertilizer and its adverse effects etc could all be cool. Greek Gods -> You could analyze traditional Greek literature in subjects like English Lit., many books both ancient and modern focus on it (from
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