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  1. okay okay but what about 3040- im still planning on adding more but i dont see myself going over 3300-3600
  2. Yes, it's honestly completely normal, even though it really shouldn't be.
  3. So, we've just had an exam block, and now our spanish ab initio teacher is giving us three weeks to absolutely memorize a description of a photo, 86 questions, their translations and answers, and do this with our other six classes. Is this normal? We're in the first semester
  4. My school is just an IB school, only IB and only year 11 and 12. This is the first year it's been open, so theres around 23 of us in the whole school. There are two cliques plus the people who have been 'cut off'. These people are either never at school, therefore losing any possible bond they could have, or have done something really bad (one guy called women breeders saying we weren't dominant enough for anything else, and a majority of us are female). The cliques are there, one more introverted than the other, and they are potent. A lot of conflict and distaste comes from one group towards
  5. As long as things are the same for both genders with the requirements, we're all good. My school doesn't have a dress code, but honestly I think it should. There is one girl who will dome to school with see through shirts (literally, thats the design), to show her bra. It's not the whole sexualising thing, but rather that I was just a little uncomfortable sitting there, as another female, being able to see her bra clear as day. Other than that, it's fine. The guys are all very modest, and some of the girls are, and nobody says anything.
  6. Abortion is absolutely the choice of the parents. If a woman has been raped, it would almost be unfair for them to be forced to have a living reminder of a tragedy in their life. If you wanna keep it, keep it. If not, then don't. Some may know that they are unfit to support another life as they may be too young or financially unstable, they are saving some child from a world of misfortune.
  7. the pandemic limiting face to face contact, and people needing that connection to cope with quarantine. people who struggle socially but still want to develop a relationship, they just need it to be over internet first, where a lot of people (particularly digital natives) are more comfortable uhhhhhh yeah those are the first that come to mind, hope it helps
  8. Hey!! So I don't know about the rest of IB, but my school is going through its first exam block, and I've found that Quizlet really helps, just search the subject you need to study, and make sure you put IB in front, it has flashcards, practice tests and is just really handy. If you have any sites that you use, feel free to drop them down?
  9. I get that 4000 isnt really that much, but the amount of depth i need to put into it in that time is what scares me, especially the fact that it needs to be r e a l l y specific
  10. Well, what methods of art are you using?
  11. WELL LETS GOOOO So, I'm in my second term (first semester) of CAS, and its actually quite chill. Feels like a waste of time, but quite chill. The clubs I do that I'm counting for CAS (I'll give which sector they belong to as well) are the following CAS PROJECT - Yearbook coz yano creativity at its finest - Also the semi formal CREATIVITY - Dungeons and Dragons (run by a student/teacher) - Board games club (run by a student/teacher) - Debate club (self-initiated) - Philosoph
  12. .....honestly pretty much the same You just have to organise yourself.
  13. I was raised with the more animal-ish side of Agriculture, but I doubt they'd let me do an experiment on how different feed can affect a cow or sheep's weight and fat to muscle ratio, but I doubt that would pass the ethics, especially since changing their feed to whatever they need for the experiment will take at least a month in itself. With the Greek Literature, I think that would be really interesting to do, but I don't know if I could make an analysis go for 4000 words haha.
  14. 1. What is your real name? Taylah 2. Where are you from? Australia 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? My dumbass found it when I was looking for the IB site 4. What made you register on IB Survival? Thought 'well.. why not-' 5. When did you (approximately) register here? May 2021 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Either BM, Spanish or Art 7. When are you graduating? November 2022 8. What are your plans for university? I wanna either go to Cambridge, UNE or some uni in the Netherlands 9. What are your fr
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