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  1. Also, the best way to find out for sure is to call the universities you're interested in. Or, even better, get your guidance councilors to figure it out. That's their job!
  2. No, it just works out in my class schedule. I really think it's just chance. I'm also doing 2 summer school courses in the public school program so I'll get my regular high school diploma in French and English. Gonna be a tough 2 years.
  3. Well, Usually in high school you live with your parents so nothing is really going to be like the real world. You are always going to be shocked when you have to clean, cook for yourself, pay bills, do taxes, etc. In terms of work and workload it depends on what you do. If you are planning on going to university it depends what one you go to. I know in Canada, the graduates from my school always say that their first year of university was a breeze compared to high school. I'd think in the US you'd find a similar situation unless you decided to go to an ivy league school or something where the
  4. No to my knowledge as long as your school can schedule them in you can do five. And somehow mine did o.o
  5. Aha, well I was taking four HL but my history which I was going to take SL got combined with the History HL class so...I was like what ever. Might as well test out in HL since I'm going to be learning everything anyways.
  6. Uh pretty much all the universities in Canada allow math SL when applying for computer sciences except Waterloo although one of my friends still got accepted there even though he only had standard level math. For example, Dalhousie University, McGill, University of Toronto... there's tons.
  7. No. The keyboards just slide into the base. The whole thing w/keyboard isn't that much bigger than a TI 84+. You can't use the wireless base on an exam.
  8. In Canada sometimes universities, depending on your grades, will let you skip a year. For example, McGill forces you to skip a year. So I'm sure it's possible in Scotland. But, I wouldn't recommend it as you miss key information that was not introduced in the IB as it is VERY similar to a first year university course, but not identical. Therefore, your GPA in your second year would be lower.
  9. Ok, So a lot of people seem to think that the TI-Nspire is not allowed on the exam with it's Nspire faceplate. Well, after much searching I found a document that proves it is. Here it is: PROOF-- Sec41:209 last line on the page & Sec41:210 2nd column 3rd line. It's really easy to get it into Press-to-Test mode and a pain to get it out. This is so you can't do it during an exam. First, you may have to do an OS update as only the latest one has Press-to-Test mode. Do it using the cable that came with your hand held and the TI-Nspire Computer Link Software (Free:D). All you have to do is dow
  10. Its actually allowed with its original TI N-Spire original keypad as long as it's in press to test mode. (It took me forever to find this by the way, PROOF--Sec41:209 last line on the page & Sec41:210 2nd column 3rd line). Official IBO document. Ready to show to your IBC's.
  11. The TI N-spire is usable with the N-spire keypad. You just have to put it in Press to Test mode(PROOF--Sec41:209 last line on the page & Sec41:210 2nd column 3rd line) . To do this refer to this link. Note: You may have to update the OS using the cable that came with the hand held. DO NOT put it into press to test mode without the cable (I did this the first time. It took me three days to figure out how to get it working again:blum:). To get it out of that mode you can plug it back into your computer and then follow the instructions as if it were connected to another TI N-Spire hand held (
  12. I have the TI-Nspire and it's amazing. It's so much easier to use than the TI 84+. It is allowed on all the IB exams (I found out on the IBO website) as long as it is in Press-to-test mode (Very easy to get into). Also, it has a TI 84+ keypad which makes it exactly like a TI 84+ except with a bigger screen. I would highly recommend it. Just don't get the CAS version as it is not permitted on the exams.
  13. Well, Its not quite as easy as just applying to law school and becoming a judge right after highschool. There's a couple of things you have to do first. First, you have to complete an undergraduate degree (like a bachelors degree) in a field of study. Do some research on various fields that you might like to major in, usually in the Arts faculty. Law schools tend to look positively on majors in the social sciences and humanities, although you can be accepted with a background in basically anything. (Check out this website. It's quite informative) Of course, if you want to get into a prestigi
  14. Maybe grab the IB Chem Study Guide too by G. Neuss. It has a pretty good reputation and really focuses on what you need to know for the exam. Also, a course companion by the same author might also help.
  15. Refer to this thread: http://www.ibsurviva...val-in-general/ Also, This is an excerpt from the board rules: " Just type normally like this. You don't need to have perfect grammar or spelling but please refrain from excessive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????????? ........... OmG WtF Heeeelllppp noooow! WoRk tomorrrrowww! They are, if anything, annoying and will not make people take you very seriously. Do not post posts with text speak. Text speak is annoying, and seeing as we all are IB students/future IB students, the least we expect from you is fully spelled word
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