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  1. My results came out quite lower than my prediction and hence I am a little depressed. I want to request remark (our school pays for this. students don't need to ) but I thought I really should ask for advice. English A1 HL: Okay my papers won't that great and my paper 2 failure was expected. But paper 1 came our FAR lower than I expected. Also my World Literature Essays was predicted 19 +18 = 37 but I got 23. I'm utterly shocked because my teacher is a senior marker of IB World Literature essays and hence I thought her prediction was reliable. Overall I'm on a mid 5 (actually like 4.5% over 5
  2. ecieee

    Help me out!

    I have applied to some of the really prestigious schools in the US (Ivies, UChicago, Stanford...etc) with my predicted grade of 44. I took the November 2011 exams and my results are out now! I didn't do as well as I expected........... T.T I am a couple of marks away from my predictions and I'm not sure if I should send this away to the colleges. Do you think I can wait for a bit and request remark ? I'll be able to get my remark results by mid February, and so it is okay if I send in my results then? I really want to request remark................... Also, do you guys know how I should send
  3. Review literary features, learn how to write good topic sentences, peruse through some past papers.... Make sure you pray (or hope...) for a good, short and easy poem/prose to come out (and save us all)!
  5. I'm getting better and better at P1 with practice, but my P2 is falling flat. (Ours is the novels & short story one) Half of the time I don't know what the questions mean and I find it really hard to relate to my books. For instance, when there is a question on settings or narrative voices, I don't know how to write a full 2hr essay on such narrow topics. It's like "oh the story is set in the post colonial late 19th century"........................done...... what more??? I find it extremely difficult to think of examples too - my teacher comments on most of my P2 practice essays saying tha
  6. I've been struggling to fight depression for about 4 years now and I just don't know how to get out of it. It's really weighing down on me and I feel like it consumes me from inside out. I don't know why I'm feeling so unworthy of myself at the first place so I can't fix it. It's like an endless cycle of hating myself then wanting to just sleep forever and not get out of bed. I hate going out and I hate waking up every morning only to realise that it's going to be another dull day. I also find no joy in going to school or studying so it's really hard for me to keep up with IB stuff (although
  7. Our school starts 8:30am then lunch at 10:20 (ridiculously early) lunch finishes at 11:00am and the classes go til 2:00pm non stop. 1hr for each class and 5 classes per day. I have Chemistry HL everyday (4 classes a week and 1 compulsory tutorial) :bawling: In terms of IB exams this november, I have french p1 p2 chem p1 and p2 all on one day. I have to be at school from 8am to 5pm or something. :bawling: :bawling: we hardly get breaks T.T
  8. You serious about hiring counsellors? Most of people here don't even know what SAT is and so I don't think I can find one? Also the counsellor have to be directly employed by the school no? Otherwise how would that person be a 'school' counsellor? I didnt know about the essay topics being the same so I can quietly refute your EVERYONE generalisation. Oh well too late to regret now. I'll work hard on them from now on. Are you sure about the bank statement? Is that for financial aid? I'm hoping to get those needblind aids that some ivy colleges give out. I'm well under the income bracket (600
  9. Ughh some top notch unis for med in AUS require minimum ATAR (australian tertiary application rank) of 99.90+ out of 99.99 when IB 45 equates to 99.90. This is truly f***ed because this means that IB is pretty much overlooked!! State exams are much easier than IB so I don't understand how an IB45 is lower than their maximum mark. I know a person who got rejected with a 45 because there were too many people with a 99.99 that pushed her down.
  10. Hey thanks for your reply! You don't have to emphasize my lateness haha I already know that point. I only decided to go for US apps around about this time last year and at that point I had no knowledge of SAT or whatsoever so I couldn't really do anything. No one ever apply to US uni from where I live so yeah I am quite isolated and I also need a plane ride to take the SATs. In terms if college essays, commonapp only opened a month ago or so so how do you prewrite essays?? In terms of IB scores my predicted score will come out soon but I am shooting for 43+. Afterall, the course I want to ge
  11. I'm hoping to apply to US colleges this year and so I need to sit my SATs pretty soon but I don't know how things are gonna work out for me!! So I sat the SAT subject tests couple of months ago and I didn't get the scores I wanted T.T I need to sit those again but I haven't sat the SAT reasoning test yet! I want to go for early decision for harvard but I dont know how this is all gonna work out before the deadline I can sit the October (deadline is tomorrow for registeration) and the November ones for ED but I'm not sure if it's realistic to sit the SAT reasoning test for the first time and
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