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  1. hello @Graeme I am having a lot of problems with this web site can you please help me? there is a lot of document that I can't download and they are just saying that "sorry you are not permitted to download this file". I actually submitted a lot of files so that I can earn the vip access but nothing changed. also , I can not pay the 25$ needed so what would be the solution to get access for free! or can you like if I will tell you which files I need send me the files that I need here? or this is not allowed as well? I hope you will reply thank you for your timeee
  2. what subjects do you take? do you mind helping me..
  3. majedya21


    Hello, I need someone's help please I am doing my EE in biology and it is about Ebola and also I am doing my IAs in chemistry and biology (both HL). if anyone has these subjects and did really great work in the past I would really love if they can share their documents here just to have some ideas about good topics. And if there is any comments on the douments it would be really nice..
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