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  1. I'm M22 so I have around 6 months left. I was basically forced to choose AI SL, but I know it doesn't have much future. I don't know if they'll allow me to change, but if I can should I? Pros: It will basically make my IB diploma useful. I'm very good at Maths. I'm scoring almost 10/10 in all the practice tests I do (although I understand AA SL may be much harder than that). I hear there's not as much difference between AI SL and AA SL as between AI SL and AI HL. The criteria for the IA are the same so I won't have to change that. Cons: I have littl
  2. Thanks for answering!
  3. So I already have lots of sources for my IA and I think I can start reading and actually doing the internal assessment already but I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. And it's not even that much, I have like six or seven sources, one of them is super long but I guess I can find the most useful part, and the other ones are like 10-20 pages. I just don't know where to start, Reading all the sources and trying to find relevant information to my question seems so difficult, plus I haven't even decided my question. I know more or less how it will be, but my teacher said that it's easie
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