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  1. Hey all, So I am starting my math HL IA soon and I'm thinking of exploring beats created when two sound waves approach the same frequency but are only slightly out of phase. I potentially want to tie this back to the guitar though an experiment. I have an electric guitar with me but I don't know what to discuss with my results. Any advice? Thank you
  2. I'm beginning to brainstorm ideas for my upcoming math IA and I'm very interested in exploring the topic of music in the context of mathematics. I've played the guitar for nearly 5 years so I would like to focus more on that instrument. I initially wanted to discuss Fourier transform but my teacher advised me not to due to the topic's depth given that this was only an IA and not an EE. I've been thinking of simpler topics I can tackle in that domain but have so far come up fairly empty-handed. Other topics that I've done some mild exploration in have been Pythagoras ratios in guitar frets or b
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