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  1. I am thinking about becoming a cs student but recently i found a cognitive science program which is part of computer science as i understood.But it is also focused on learning about brain functions .It is interesting for me.But because cognitive science is not that popular it is hard to find a list of required subjects. Do you think i can get in to both of this options with HL:Math AA,Comp science,Psych. SL:Phy,English A,GermanB. Or what are your suggestions for me? Thanks
  2. I know that i need to choose subjects according to my future career.But i am on my pre-IB year, I have no clue which career field i want to study.But i have classes that i enjoy.And my IB subjects most likely will be: HL: Math AA , Comp Science , Psychology or Econ (more likely I'll choose Psych). SL: English A , German B , Physics. What career i can pursue according to this list?
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