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  1. Hello All, Just want your thoughts on the IA topic - "How far the popular claim that all things from architecture to paintings is based on golden ratio?" - and I want to refute the claim that Monalisa, last supper and roman architecture may not really be based on Golden Ratio. How do you think this topic is? I was thinking of picking up really good papers and see how they arrived at. And then propose my "thoughts" where they went wrong. Is this a good HL topic? Please let me know.
  2. Why I think it is a good question: Lets you write your own interpretation of Degas's work Lets you explore the history and come up with exact settings that he may have had at the time he was putting out his work However, you need to be very careful to tie these two threads of history and his impressions. A short summary may help you more with the impressions. That's just my two cents as a student.
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