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  1. I did ask my coordinator to have IBO send it to the school, we did that months ago.
  2. I just called my college and it turns out they haven't received any confirmation from the IBO that I passed and all that.. I though they would have received it at the same time we did! Did any of your colleges get them? I'm thinking maybe they've misplaced mine, it's kind of a hippie school and they've done that with other papers of mine.
  3. No. The IB sucked. Too many teachers were bad, our school didn't have it together and the students who chose IB seem to all be very individual and goal oriented (hence, barely any social activity). Also, since people were from all over the world noone seemed interested in strong friendships because we know we're never gonna see each other again. The IB is a good stepping stone but it surely was very rarely enjoyable.
  4. I think predicted grades are only a way of telling in about what range the student is or in some cases could be if he/she pulls it together during exams. Most people at my school got +/- 5 p from their predicted grade (except for that one guy who was predicted 42 but got 27).. That does matter when getting into college and such so the predicteds aren't too acurate, but it does give the uni's you aply to a feeling of what level you should be capable of achieving. It sucks to get lower than your expected grades, but you realize they only mean what your teachers think you are capable of given th
  5. I don't think it's that hard getting a 7, at least not impossible! The important factors differ for p1 and p2 of course... In paper 1 -- stick to the sources unless they tell you otherwise! There's no time to go off track and you don't get marks for it anyways. In paper 2 -- know your historians, schools and interpretations. Never just explain the events, always actually answer the questions! You gotta get your time management down so you can write a lot and in a sensible, organized way. Be consise and remember you aren't writing an English essay so don't use metaphors or other fancy things
  6. This is so nerdy and pretentious. True IB spirit. Keep it up.
  7. Uhh... the question about conditions of a state was for a left-wing leader. The right-wing question was regarding the ideologies and support for the leader. I did Arab-Israeli for paper 1. I thought it was okay, but I spent all my time at home studying the later crises. When I saw that the exam was about the Arab exodus of 1947-1948, I was pretty pissed off, haha. For paper 2, I felt really stupid because I wasn't sure whether Castro was left-wing. So, I avoided that question altogether and made stuff up for the Hitler propaganda question. I could have written a great Castro essay! But I di
  8. Of course it's not as simple as communist and anti-communist, but it's an easy way to remember it for exams and such - Mussolini's early ideology was leftist but his regime was right wing. Nazism too had early trends of leftism but the rule as a whole was rightist. The determination of a ruler as right or left isn't any different from how we classify the politicians we have today. I'm sure you can relate the terms of right and left according to the political system of your nation. In that way the socialists are left and the conservatives etc. are right. Same for rulers.
  9. How can you not know if they're right or left wing? Anyone who's communist is obviously left wing.. Anyone who crushed the communists are right wing. I've seen plenty IB question asking you about left or right wing folks. I'm sorry, I just thought it was common knowledge, my twelve year old nephew laughed when I told him my friend thought Lenin was rightist..
  10. Hitler was right-wing. My friend made the opposite mistake (answering a right-wing question with Lenin!) I think that unless you argue convincingly for why he's a left wing then they would probably give you very low marks since you misunderstood the question. Sorry.
  11. I answered q. 9 about the representation of The Good Life. Almost everyone at my school chose that one!! I thought the questions were worse than the ones I've seen from previous year, definitely. But luckily q.9 was alright.
  12. It's not crucial you use direct quotes as long as you demonstrate good knowledge of the works and use specific examples... like refering to it or explainging symbols in detail. Quotes are only useful if they actually relate to what you're saying, don't do it just to do it.
  13. With my route it will be "Communism in Crisis" ! SOunds like the same route that would've had "Stalin's rise to Power" last year..
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