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  1. SO TRUE. I am also scared that the paper was good enough to make careless mistakes.
  2. YES! in my school last year the highest was 5 and the rests got like.. 3 or 2? but still... fingers crossed!
  3. Hi everyone. how did you do on your math paper 2? I live in Asia so I am guessing I am doing TZ2? erm,.. I personally think that paper 2 is tougher than paper 1.. however both papers are still more simple that past year papers. I left our 2 questions though, worth 24 points T_T anyone did the trapezium thing? I really had no idea how to work it out.
  4. no, I am not a native I am an Indonesian living in San Fransisco. during the first five mins of reading time I was really confused which section to choose. I only read section A briefly and I thought that both texts are too similar and I thought that I was hard to compare them. I kept going back and forth back and forth till I finally decided on section B because I thought that the way they are written are really different, so I thought that I would be able to write more. but it turned out that section B really had not much literary devices, I only got to identify 2 or 3 stuffs. yup I agree t
  5. I was the first HL student to be interviewed. very very nervous of course. the examiner was generally nice, but he kept interrupting me while I was talking and it kept bugging me. I felt like he didnt really want to listen to me. he kept asking me questions like," why did you do it this way, why not that way, bla blablabla........." well, not to be rude but I was thinking like,"Hey its my works! those are my ideas and not yours!" my works are all cubist and in most of my works I used picasso's color scheme like blue and orangish, and I told the examiner that I was greatly inspired by Picasso
  6. wait.. I got that time zone too! do you live in asia by the way? I did section B having thought that there would be more "meat" on that section, however, it turned out to be the worst commentary I have ever written in my entire IB existence (hyperbole) but I am still hoping to get a good mark tho. I got to identify all of the required contents, but I was sure I could do better.
  7. Autograph cant plot logistic function. use your GDC!
  8. What does it mean by "Modify the model that best fits the IMF data, so that it applies to all the given data from 1950 to 2008"? I DO understand that I have to find a model that fits all the data when I plot them, but then, I have no idea how I am supposed to do that.. Do I modify the logistic function I got or what? HELP MEEEEE,I am desperate for help!!!!!!!!!
  9. Now the IMF gives you more data points right? Compare your models with this new series addition first. If it doesn't fit well, you need to make some changes to your model functions so that it exactly fits the data points Yes! i do understand that.. but I'm just confused how i am supposed to do that.. make the change.. T_T
  10. what does it mean by modifying the model that best fits the IMF data, so that it applies to all the given data from 1950 to 2008? what should i do with that?
  11. when it says "analytically develop one model function", does that mean we can't use technology to find the function?
  12. do you guys graph the year on y-axis and the population on x-axis? or the other way round? because i graphed the year on the x-axis but the result seems like a straight line and when i did it the other way round, i got a curvy line. please help! How do you decide which one to use? do you explain what functions you are going to use first on the paper? then finally you decide? is it logistic?
  13. Sorry for the late reply.. Yes they definitely are each represented by the letter P and t so, we can choose anything to represent it? other than P and t? thank you for your help! but i still dont get what parameter is T_T
  14. How long have you been studying math? I can't believe that you don't know what variables are. x and y are examples of variables. There is this formula in Physics world: F=9*109*Q1Q2/r2 where F, Q and r are variables and 9*109 is a constant. Being a variable means that its value can be anything, depending on the domain. Let's say Q is an element of Real numbers. Thus, Q can be any real number! It may be -0.9, may be 0, may be √7, may be pi, anything.. That's why it's a variable. Parameters..not really sure either but you may want to read this quote below v If it's still unclear let me know I
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